Save time in the areas you need most. Whether you need to resource candidates, interview, or get a second opinion about a prospective hire, we offer a range of recruiting service options that ensure we meet your needs, while saving your time and resources.

In most instances, clients who utilize our staffing services receive a savings of half or more than what they’d find at a typical employment agency. We are unique as we offer the facility to choose which pieces of the recruitment process you want to outsource, be it for one position or numerous. We take time to get to know your business needs in detail including your industry, the hiring manager, the technical skill set and company culture to ensure the recruitment process steps you choose to outsource are maximized to their full potential.

As part of our services we can do all or some of the following menu service options as well as vary our services based on your desired level of assistance for each specific position:

  • Formulate sourcing strategies based on your budget and the type(s) of candidate(s) you seek.
  • Write compelling job postings that get the attention of competitive talent pools and ensure citations are posted in locations best suited to reach the target audience.
  • Assist with inscription and finalizing job descriptions.
  • For each position, perform targeted candidate sourcing utilizing our tools and resources, as well as through paid sites with your approval.
  • Careful screening of candidates and submit the most appropriate ones.
  • Conduct telephonic interviews with approved candidates, submit thorough reports to hiring managers capturing the skills, qualifications and overall suitability for the position.
  • Schedule candidate interviews and provide detailed information throughout the screening and interview process to help you in hiring decisions.
  • Manage correspondence with candidates including providing feedback and updates as well as answering questions.
  • Promote a positive brand image of the company. This is particularly significant when securing top talent and ensuring candidates have an optimistic impression of your company.
  • Provide progress updates so you can stay on track and hire the best fit within the required timeline.