HCMS payroll system is designed and braced in such a manner that it steers a single or multiple users through a complete Human Resource cycle. HCMS payroll management system is a flexible package, which can be adapted to work in a variety of human resource environments. Our payroll system starts when you hire employees. We provide all the facilities from filing of documents and payments to the employees. This includes keeping track of hours, calculating wages, withholding tax and other benefits, printing, delivering cheques and disbursement via Bank.

We also keep track of the employee related critical personal information. All of this information is highly sensitive, and our payroll system is very secure.

Withholding and paying taxes to government is one of the most important responsibilities of our payroll system.

We also provide end-of-service benefits to our employees which are:

  • pension,
  • gratuity,
  • employee old age benefits,
  • social security,
  • life and health insurance benefits administration.


HCMS payroll management system has been designed and created to integrate and work together with other application systems that needs data integration, and to minimize/eliminate data redundancy.

HCMS payroll management system provides a well harmonized and knitted solution to cater complete Human Resources activities such as Pre-appointment database, New-hiring, Appraisals / Evaluations, Compensations, Bonuses, Overtime, Leave Maintenance, Tax Calculation and Insurance.