Monitoring Procedure

In today’s competitive business environment, the need for successful HR service delivery has become a priority for all companies. To improve HR effectiveness in providing quality services, companies are increasingly relying on their Human Resourcing Outsourcing providers to play a critical role in driving employee satisfaction, retention, and productivity. HCMS determine the quality metrics and understand which [...]

3 Things a Small Business Can Do to Manage Payroll like a Big Business

Payroll—it needs to be right every time. Inaccurate or late payroll upsets employees and might be noncompliant with the law, creating costly problems. And many small businesses, especially small businesses exiting their infancy, struggle with their systems for payroll. If not the cut-rate, cheapest off-the-shelf solutions, a good number of these are homegrown. Created from scratch, a[…..]

4 recommendations for building a ‘sleep-healthy’ workplace for your employees

With each passing day, more and more HR executives are realizing that they need a more complete approach to corporate health and wellness. While it’s important to make sure employees eat well and exercise often, it’s equally vital to focus on sleep, which has become the “third pillar” of employee wellness. Employees who are well rested are[…..]