HCMS Global Private Limited is a well-established HR firm and is located in the heart of Karachi.

We deliver trusted results with a wide range of solutions including:

  • Human resources management
  • Payroll and related benefits management
  • Talent management
  • Training and development


At HCMS Global Private Limited our people provide solutions and work together to help your organization control costs, save time, optimize the workforce, minimize risk and grow business.  Our core objective is to provide solutions for companies of varied sizes and ventures whether local, national or international, all over the country, as we want to establish your team and transform your business environment in to success.


We Stand for Our True values, as they guide everything we do, including our commitment of sustaining the highest level of ethical standards. We Help Customers and clients to benefit in numerous ways from the HR expertise and the best practices that HCMS Global Private Limited brings to the table. We enhance value by helping clients:

  • reduce costs through our reputable and reliable services
  • save time by reducing the administrative burden
  • ensure compliance by adhering to industry-leading protocol and legislative requirements, thus minimizing risk to our clients
  • optimize the workforce and increase productivity by reducing absenteeism and promoting employee wellness and engagement
  • attract, assess, hire and retain the finest employees
  • access a one-stop source for the management of HR & payroll processes and services.

Quality & Experience

Quality, experience and personal trust are important parts of our work. Our team managers work interactively in all areas. We also understand HR work as company and for organizational development. We believe conflicts that exist in every business, can be solved constructively and professionally. Loyalty, transparency, and fairness are indispensable for all interactions. This counts for interactions with candidates, clients, and our commitment beyond business activities as we believe every person, organization and business carries a social responsibility.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission is To Develop People and Process their Pain to Joy as Business Begin and End with People.

Our Vision is To Change Today’s Challenges into Tomorrow’s Success.

HCMS Global Private Limited’s priority is to streamline HR operations and engage workforce for our client organizations. Create performance enhancing cultures through innovative HR technology solutions.

Values & Commitments

Innovation: Our Imperative
Authenticity: Our Strength
Practicality: Our Culture

Open and transparent in dialogue.
Efficient and accountable for our goals.
Professional at all times.