Monitoring Procedure

In today’s competitive business environment, the need for successful HR service delivery has become a priority for all companies. To improve HR effectiveness in providing quality services, companies are increasingly relying on their Human Resourcing Outsourcing providers to play a critical role in driving employee satisfaction, retention, and productivity. HCMS determine the quality metrics and understand which quality drivers are most important to today’s businesses. HCMS is working to create an efficient and effective HR service delivery model for its valued clients.
All those employees who will be outsourced through HCMS their performance will be monitored through constant communication and for this HCMS will arrange dedicated Task Manager for each province depending upon the number of outsourced staff. This deployed person will keep a close liaison with all the employees to monitor their performance and provide them the base to build on.

The Key person will effectively communicate with all Task Manager in order to reduce communication gap between outsourced employee and the performance of the employees. Assigned Task Manger will build trust among the each employee.

Code of Conduct

As employees of HCMS Global Private Limited, each of us has an obligation to conduct ourselves in an ethical manner in all that we do. We must take this responsibility seriously, not only as a matter of legal and regulatory compliance, but as the basis of sound business operations and the foundation of positive relationships with our customers, employees, partners, suppliers and the communities where we work.

Corporate Social Responsibility

HCMS Global Private Limited has always believed in the importance of “Giving Where We’re Living!” through corporate pledges, support of employee-initiated fundraising, and encouragement of staff volunteerism. HCMS Global Private Limited has been proud to contribute to the communities where we live and work.

We recognize the value of social responsibility and the importance of integrity as employees, as a business, and as members of our respective communities. We have been part of various email campaigns, one of the recent one is save water and upcoming is on tree plantation to save environment for future generation. We also support a renowned cancer hospital and an orphanage on regular basis.